ABA PayWay Payment online solution & implementation

With over 1.4 million customers and double-digit growth each year, ABA is becoming the leading Cambodian bank. Their ABA app drives that fast adoption with its simple QR payment and account management.

With PayWay – ABA’s online payment gateway – businesses can also take full advantage of their simple payment process by integrating it on their mobile application or website.

This gateway offers many advantages for businesses; comparatively, only 0.6%* of Cambodians have a credit card. Using ABA means automatically reaching over 1.4 million customers.

How does it work?

ABA uses PayWay REST APIs to communicate with your app or website using the merchant ID and a public key to encrypt data and lets you send transaction requests.

This method offers a development team much flexibility to code in payment processing, transaction searching, history retrieving.

PayWay can be implemented on any technology and platform (Android, iOS, Web) with the right development team.

Is it safe?

All the transactions are encrypted using the cryptographic hash standard SHA-512 design by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and 512 bits encryption on a base 64. Make it one of the most secure ways to communicate information without fear of being hacked.

But to make sure your application stays secure, you need to make sure you don’t expose your merchant ID and Public Key in the code or a public code repo. We often notice mistakes by less experienced developers that can reveal your data and customers’ information.

What does it mean for my business?

If you’re looking to implement an online payment solution, ABA & Wing are both great solutions to use depending on your customer use cases.

But before implementing one of those solutions, you should ask yourself those three questions:

  1. Are my customers looking to buy online?
  2. Do they have a Wing or ABA account?
  3. Is my company ready to handle the logistics part of online purchases?


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