Fintech services & solutions

As a FINTECH service provider company, we want to accompany and support our customers in their digital transformation journey.

The Foundry offers a range of software development, system integration, consulting and implementation services for the financial industry, financial service providers and FinTech startups.

We have experience creating IT solutions and services for banks, credit card companies, financial institutions, accounting firms, payment solutions and e-commerce sites.

To help you stand out and achieve your complex digital projects, we can mobilize a team of fintech experts, full-stack software developers, experienced testers, integrators, DevOps consultants, UX/UI designers and Project Managers.


The only way we see this with our client is the long-lasting cooperation and partnership with our clients. We want to support them in their vision and help them achieve their goal.


We have proven that we can work in various technologies and environments. Some of our clients are investment funds, institutions and in the private sector. Our clients leverage our knowledge and expertise to achieve successful project implementation.


Customer service is at the core of our business. We align with our client’s vision, and we suggest improvements. We use the Agile method methodically, and we have been very successful in working closely with our clients by giving and receiving feedback.

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Southeast Asia

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